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You don’t need to find new, unique investments to generate great returns. On the contrary, there is a veritable goldmine of knowledge and investment ideas hidden in studying the best investors in the world. 

On Borsgade we follow a number of ‘investment legends’. Both Nordic investors such Claus Wiinblad from the Danish pension fund ATP as a number of international investors such as Warren Buffett, Thomas Shrager and Seth Klarman.

Youy can read and follow their advice in the many articles, podcasts and videos below or study their portfolios and see which companies they buy and sell. You can find them all under the ‘Portfolios’ menu below.

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Stanley Druckenmiller: Why AI is a mega trend

In this interview with CNBN, Stanley Druckenmiller discuss the impact of AI technology, US government policy, why Druckenmiller cut his Nvidia stake and his take on the latest market trends.

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Borsgade investment philosophy

There are countless ways to invest and even more aspects to keep in mind if your investments are to be successful. We have compiled the most important principles for the individual long-term investor.

Make a plan for your investments

Find companies with a higher value than price

Spread your risk

Think like a business owner

Take a long term view and watch your wealth grow

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If you have limited experience with stock investing or need input into your existing portfolio, you have come to the right place. In the Learning menu you will find the most important topics that will help you grow on your investment journey.

If you need personalized feedback or want to take your portfolio to the next level, I offer coaching sessions tailored to your specific needs. 

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